‘Station to Station’ to premiere at Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Festival

David Eggers II in ‘Gare à Gare.’ Photo credit: Bryant Zamberlan Group

The Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Festival (LVIFSF) has announced the world premiere of ‘Station to Station’ – the highly anticipated psychological drama from writer-director Benjamin Bryant – will take place on the festival’s opening night, Tuesday, November 9, with the film available in virtual projection throughout the festival. Digital Journal has the scoop.

The award-winning feature film will be screened in competition, following the announcement of “Station to Station” as one of the three finalists for “Best Dramatic Feature”. Immediately following the screening (scheduled for 9:00 p.m. EST / 6:00 p.m. Pacific), Bryant and star David Eggers II, will participate in a live Q&A on the film.

Shot and staged in Las Vegas, “Station to Station” tells the story of Tom Ryan (David Eggers), the boundary-pushing and David Bowie-obsessed son of a housekeeper in New York’s tony Hamptons. After the revelation of a long-standing secret shatters his sense of self, Tom flees to the electric anonymity of Las Vegas to forget, where a chance encounter with a scheming stranger affords him the ultimate distraction, throwing Tom headlong into the head. first in the paradise of twenty years. -a busy and stimulating world of indulgence, adulation and exhibition; where he establishes unexpected bonds and a family of choice “found”.

When his new world begins to separate from within (in a heart-wrenching series of events in the third act, each with Tom in the center), Tom learns how easily unresolved things find their own way to force resolution.

Early reviews of “Station to Station” drew comparisons between Tom and the protagonist of JD Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, the aimless looking and dissatisfied Holden Caulfield, and Paul Thomas Anderson’s Eddie Adams (of Boogie Nights), and both make proper comparisons, but Tom Ryan and the characters in Station to Station are decidedly placed in a unique 21st century environment, as the film explores our rapidly evolving perceptions and conventions of family, friendship, gender roles, sexuality and self-determination – probing, and often difficult, the assumptions and judgments that we (the characters and the audience) make about ourselves and each other.

“Station to Station” is the feature debut by writer-director Bryant, former broadcaster-turned-Obama administration official Bryant, who turned to creative pursuits in 2016, producing Emmy-winning digital drama “Anacostia “, several holidays – themed films and news / documentary project development along the way (Bryant has also developed a significant voice-acting career in recent years, playing lead roles in several narrative podcasts, including several seasons as “Gregory Marshall”, alongside day icons Beth Ehlers and Lauren B. Martin, on the “Forever and a Day” audio series).

The film was an early breakthrough at non-festival independent film awards events, winning “Best Narrative Feature”, “Best Actor” for Eggers and “Best Overall Cast” awards in July. at the IndieEye Film Awards; winning six Merit Awards – for actor (Eggers, with special mention), supporting actor (Jordan Getty as Jordan, Andrew Cawley as Casey), screenplay / writing, original music and a recognition award (Cate Farrow in as Sarah), from the IndieFEST rewards program in August; while FILMHAUS Berlin announced seven nominations for Station to Station, including Best Feature, Original Concept, Director’s Debut, Score, Costume Design and Ensemble Cast in October.

Additionally, the film was recognized with nominations and wins for LGBTQ and Asian / Asian-American inclusion in the film.

In addition to the film’s nomination for “Best Dramatic Feature” at the Las Vegas International Film and Screenwriting Festival, Station to Station will compete for genre, performance and additional technical prizes, which will be awarded. during the festival’s closing event, the 2021 LVIFSF Film Awards Ceremony, broadcast nationally on Saturday 13 November.

For Bryant, the film’s selection to help open LVIFSF 2021 is an honor with deep emotional resonance.

“When we shot the movie in Las Vegas and started planning, we had no idea the city would be under heavy restrictions again in October,” he notes.

“It created a lot of challenges, both practical and creative, but we were fully supported by the people of Las Vegas and Clark County, who had to adapt their own work activities and lifestyle, for the same reason. We felt embraced and our love for the city and its people only grew, even as we turned in a bubble, “living” Vegas very differently from the average visitor. As a result, everyone involved in the film feels such a connection and kinship with Las Vegas. It is extremely important for us to be able to launch the film in Las Vegas, and we are both humbled and grateful to have been selected as the opening night selection of LVIFSF, ”he explained.

COVID-19 has also made changes to the annual festival, which will once again be virtual, a change that has a silver lining for Vegas and movie-goers around the world: Most of the festival’s schedule will be available online and accessible to all viewers. nationwide, including film screenings, director Q&A, educational seminars with industry insiders, and award ceremonies for screenwriters and film finalists. Movies and movie blocks can be unlocked and streamed for just $ 10, and most seminars and ceremonies are free. (Passes are also available.)

And for those who can’t watch screenings or other events in real time, the virtual format allows ticket holders to buy a ticket anytime, but watch movies and events when it’s convenient for them. better over the next week, which Bryant thinks creates an opportunity for both the festival and Station to Station.

“I hope the virtual format of this year’s festival – which will allow visitors to purchase tickets in advance, but watch the films or events on any day – will allow an even wider audience to not only to see “Station to Station” but also to experience the truly exceptional event that is the Las Vegas International Film & Screenwriting Festival.

The film features an original score, also nominated by the judges of the LVIFSF, by Austin musician Francis McGrath, and three original songs – two dance songs and a memorable rock ballad “Changing Stations”, which closes the film – written McGrath and Bryant, sung by a variety of artists, including Broadway star Jon Hacker (who is currently performing on the Jersey Boys nationwide tour as Frankie Valli), who performs “Changing Stations”.

The film also stars Anthony Henderson, Nailya Shakirova, Anthony Henderson, Josh Beck and South African singer, model and actor Benedikt Sebastian in a momentous twist to recall the past that Tom seeks to distance himself from.

“Station to Station” is produced by Bryant and Tommy Zamberlan for the Bryant Zamberlan Group and the BZ / MP, with McGrath, Diann Lewis-Charles, Christopher Matteis and playwright Matthew Weaver among the key production crew. Learn more about Station to Station, get details about the film’s world premiere on Tuesday, November 9 during the opening night of the Las Vegas International Film & Script Festival.

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