The film Anyadin in competition at the French festival

The Harrell Prize-winning film ‘Anyadin’ (The Day After…), directed by Kamar Ahmad Simon, was invited to the Festival des 3 Continents as part of France’s international feature film competition, which takes place will take place in Nantes, France, from November 18-27.

The festival featuring critically acclaimed films of the year from Africa, Latin America and Asia has been held every November in France since 1979.

The festival chooses fiction and non-fiction feature films from three continents that tell the story of a world without Western hegemony. Only ten films were chosen for this year’s event.

Besides Kamar’s “Anyadin” from Bangladesh, the competition includes films from Iran, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Vietnam, Myanmar, India and Japan.

After receiving a nomination for the international competition IDFA, one of the ten best film festivals in the world according to London Film Week, Anyadin had its world premiere in one of the most beautiful theaters in the world, the Pathe Tuschinski in Amsterdam .

‘Anyadin…’ was also invited to the International Competition section of RIDM (Montreal International Documentary Meetings), one of the top non-fiction film festivals in North America.

Anyadin is a hybrid film that incorporates reality. “In Bangladesh, the idea of ​​hybrid film is relatively new. It is a complex artistic expression rather than just a technical challenge. ‘Anyadin’ was jointly produced by Bangladesh, France and Norway,” said Simon .

‘Anyadin’ is the second part of Kamar Ahmad Simon’s first ‘Water Trilogy’. Following the success of this project in Locarno, where he received the Open Doors Prize and the Arte International Prize, he became the first Bangladeshi filmmaker to be presented as director of the red carpet on the Piazza Grande.

‘Shunte Ki Pao!’, the first installment of the water trilogy, received a lot of attention after winning the Grand Prix du Cinéma du Réel at the Center Pompidou in Paris and the Conque d’or at the International Film Festival of Mumbai (MIFF).

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