The film project of a Vietnamese director invited to the Cannes Film Festival

Linh Dan (black, center) with selected filmmakers on La Fabrique

As part of the program activities, Linh Dan and directors from countries such as Mexico, Nepal, Ukraine, India, Egypt and some African countries have the opportunity to meet and work directly with the curator of the main film festivals in the world such as Christian Jeune – Artistic Director of the Cannes Film Festival, Eva Cahen – Head of the Curatorial Council of the Critics’ Week, representatives of the Venice film festivals, Rotterdam.

In addition, the projects presented in La Fabrique are also presented in famous magazines specializing in cinema and officially appear on the red carpet where the names of the directors and their country were spoken aloud. In particular, they have the opportunity to meet many potential co-producers from many countries around the world, particularly France and Europe.

The film project of a Vietnamese director invited to the Cannes Film Festival ảnh 2 Poster for the English version of the Knife Launching Plank project

From Cannes, director Linh Dan said that after more than two years of hiatus due to the epidemic, her participation in Cannes Film Festival activities with filmmakers from many countries around the world is a valuable opportunity to learn and develop. to accumulate experience.

She revealed that the process of making independent films and going to film festivals to raise capital and find partners for the project is long and arduous, but she found it fascinating because she can do what she loves and especially getting to know many peers in the profession. who can share the same passion; hence, she is more determined on her career.

She also said that she still regularly contacts writer Mac Can and hopes the project will be implemented soon.

The film with the English name If Wood Could Cry, It Would Cry Blood, is Linh Dan’s first independent film project adapted from the novel Knife throwing board by writer and comedian Mac Can. The book recounts Mac Can’s childhood experience as the second child in a family that made a living as traveling circus performers. The film adaptation centers on three children who must perform a dangerous knife throw – the most successful performance in the circus.

Prior to attending La Fabrique at the Cannes Film Festival, the film participated in the Asian Project Market at the 2021 Busan Film Festival and received the ArteKino award in addition to being invited to participate in the International Festival’s South East Asian Film Lab Singapore film.

The film project of a Vietnamese director invited to the Cannes Film Festival ảnh 3 Linh Dan (white shirt) appears on the official Cannes Film Festival 2022 red carpet

Currently, Linh Dan is a cinematographer for the films and is one of the few filmmakers to take on this role in Vietnam. Prior to that, she served as director of photography for director Nguyen Phan Quang Binh’s feature film Bi Mat Cua Gio (The Secret of the Wind) which was presented in the “A Window on Asian Cinema” category at the International Film Festival. from Busan in the Republic of Korea in 2019. She has just finished filming the project Co gai tu qua khu (Girl from the Past) with the director duo Bao Nhan – Namcito.

Created in 2009, La Fabrique’s selection committee, made up of screenwriters, directors, editors, consultants, festival programmers and members of national and international cultural or cinematographic organizations in France, selects each year ten potential film projects that are at the directors’ script development. make first or second films. They were invited to the Cannes Film Festival to have the opportunity to meet filmmakers, representatives representing major film festivals, consultants, and above all potential investors for the project.

La Fabrique is an activity regularly organized by the Institut français and Cinéma Du Monde every two weeks of the Cannes Film Festival with selected and potential projects from Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Orient, Europe and the Middle East.

Source: SGGP

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