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In the heart of downtown Los Angeles, The wide houses an impressive array of contemporary artwork. This summer, the museum proudly presents new additions to the current exhibitions Takashi Murakami: Walking on the Tail of a Rainbow and This is not the American flag.

Resonating tones, an immersive musical experience, is a new series of performances and rituals inspired by Buddhist Arhats and Taoist Immortals. These performances will feature various artists including the Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li, in a sound and visual installation entitled Ü & EYE. Based on the artist’s most recent album, the installation evokes themes of addiction, relapse, love cycles and obsession. Designed to activate a memorial response, the installation aims to be a unique and introspective experience for each viewer.

Other representations within the Resonating tones series, include Sound bath by Kelli Anna Gendalå + Karen Marie and Odeya Nini – I see you. Gendalå and Karen Marie are sound bath specialists who invite individuals to ground themselves and truly experience the world through sound, breath, meditation and reflection. Nini, experimental singer and songwriter, explores the relationship between mind and body through her new composition I see you.

In addition toThis is not the American flag exhibition, The Broad presents the musical series Summer Events: Now We Are Here. This series is an in-depth examination of the American flag, citizenship, and national identity through expressions such as short films and various musical performances spanning the genres of diverse artists. Summer Events: Now We’re Here will be headlined by Grammy-winning artist Fantastic Negrito.

Finally, The Broad will host a live concert of composer Julius Eastman’s ‘Femenine’, performed by the highly acclaimed musical ensemble Wild Up. The concert aims to draw attention to Eastman’s activism and experience as a gay African American, with a focus on what it means to be American and an artist through the workings of classical music.

The museum invites spectators to come and familiarize themselves with the extensive programming for this summer. For more information on tickets and dates, visit their website:

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