The worst things he’s done for movie roles

Many of the worst things Nicholas Cage did for movie roles shows just how ready the veteran performer is to commit to a role. To date, the Front/Off The actor has starred in over 100 movies, ranging from comedy to action to drama. Even though his famous uncle, director Francis Ford Coppola, flatly refused to give him his first acting gig to avoid the appearance of nepotism, Cage started landing roles in 1981 and has since proven himself to be what some regard as one of the most underrated actors of this generation. During his prolific acting career, he developed a unique performance style that makes him all the more legendary.


The many bad movies on Nic Cage’s resume still don’t negate the overwhelming number of classics to his name. He played the lead role Ben Gates in the national treasure movies, with national treasure upcoming TV series on Disney+ and news of a national treasure 3 being under construction. Other notable works by Cage include Moonstruck, Con Air, Adaptation, Honeymoon in Vegas, and much more. Recently, there’s been a resurgence of Cage embracing his weird side. There’s 2018’s jaw-dropping psychedelic horror Mandy, the apocalyptic and sci-fi adaptation of HP Lovecraft Color out of space, and the critically acclaimed drama Pork. There is also no evidence that his upward progress will plateau in the near future. From April 22, he will star in one of the most anticipated films of 2022, The unbearable weight of massive talent, which features Nicolas Cage playing himself alongside The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal as billionaire super fan Javi Gutierrez.

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In interviews, Nicolas Cage has described his method of acting style as “NOTnew shaman. This style is influenced by German expressionism and Japanese kabuki theater, and was designed by Cage’s experimental approach to acting method. His acting style is polarizing, with some disliking his overacting and others praising his expressive performances.Having worked with Nicolas Cage for the 1990s The heart that is in Desert, director David Lynch described Cage as “American actor jazz musician.” Part of his New Shamanic approach is to do pretty extreme things for his roles. Here are the worst things Nicolas Cage has done to get into his movie performances.

Eating live cockroaches

Nicolas Cage about to eat a live cockroach in Vampire's Kiss

Unless the method of Nic Cage acting like Dracula in the next Renfield pushes the boundaries further, not much can beat what he did for the 1988s Vampire kiss. Playing a literary agent who believes he has become a vampire after a night of passion, the character of Cage descends into a mental spiral of increasing intensity. Originally, the film’s director only wanted Cage to eat raw eggs for the scene. However, in typical Nicolas Cage fashion, he wanted something more extreme. According to the story, Cage actually asked to eat a live bat for the scene, which may or may not have been inspired by the infamous 1982 Ozzy Osbourne incident. to eating bats, Cage instead settled down with a cockroach. He had to reluctantly swallow three cockroaches to get the stage.

Having hot yogurt poured on her toes

Nic Cage yelling at his secretary in Vampire's Kiss.

As one of Nic Cage’s best horror movies, the meme goldmine that vampire kiss became has more stories on set to tell. In addition to the previously mentioned cockroach scene, Cage requested that hot yogurt be poured over his toes so he could express more passion during the love scene with Jennifer Beals. cage considers vampire kiss being the playground that helped develop his New Shamanic method, which explains his entertaining and over-the-top performance in the film. While Cage’s early lopsided performance style began to shine the previous year with his roles in Raising Arizona and Dreamer, vampire kiss This is where his wide-eyed overdrive came into full bloom.

Extract teeth without anesthesia

One of his most infamous acting tales includes pulling his teeth without anesthesia for the 1984 Vietnam War drama. Birdy. Next to Full Metal Jacket Matthew Modine, Cage wanted to pull teeth without any numbing agents to get a better sense of the Vietnam War soldier’s experience. According to Cage, these were actually baby teeth that he was planning to get extracted anyway. Both birdie and Cage’s performance received critical acclaim.

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Keep his head wrapped in bandages for five weeks

Continue to push its method by acting to birdie, Cage kept his head wrapped in bandages for five straight weeks. Cage was so devoted to this stunt that he even slept in it. His character wears bandages following a bomb blast, which also influenced the decision to pull Cage’s teeth. He received humiliating treatment from onlookers during this time, and his face was covered in painful acne and ingrown hairs after the bandages were removed. birdie enhanced Cage’s aptitude for critically acclaimed dramatic roles, something Nicolas Cage’s poor film shattered Pork proved once again in recent years.

Fight with a poisonous snake

Nicolas Cage and Tye Sherridan standing by a creek at Joe.

For his role in the 2013s Joe, Nicolas Cage wrestles with a dangerously poisonous snake in one scene. In Joe, Cage protects 15-year-old Gary, played by Tye Sheridan (X-Men, Ready Player One) from his violent and alcoholic father. Cage’s surprising choice to wrestle with a venomous, big-fanged cottonmouth was meant to add more weight to the fear he had to portray in the scene. Cage strangely claimed that wrestling with a poisonous snake relaxed him.

Keeping a drunk actor in his trailer

Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas

For his highly praised role in the 1995s Leaving Las Vegas, Cage asked alcoholic actor and poet Tony Dingman to stay in his trailer to serve as his “drink coach.In the semi-biographical film based on John O’Brien’s novel, Cage plays screenwriter Ben Sanderson as he moves to Las Vegas to get drunk to death until he begins a relationship with a prostitute named Sera (Elisabeth Shue). At the suggestion of his cousin Roman Coppola, Cage brought Dingman to his trailer to study his alcoholism. According to Cage, Dingman would lie in a fetal position in his trailer with Cage playing bongos. Dingman would become poetic, inspiring Cage’s line,”You don’t have to kick the bar, you lean into the bar.” In addition to working with Dingman, Cage performed a few drunken scenes. His Leaving Las Vegas role won Cage the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Painting herself as a “voodoo icon” and sewing 1,000-year-old Egyptian artifacts into her costume

During a promotional interview for his 2011 film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Cage mentioned that he would arrive on set having painted his face white and black in a “Afro-Caribbean voodoo icon” to style and sew “Egyptian artifacts that were thousands of years old” in his suit. Much like the dedication and time that Cage put into his ghost rider abs, Nicolas Cage once again used his New Shamanic technique to step into his role to Spirit of revenge. His voodoo persona was meant to prepare his mindset to believe he was a being from another dimension, which is what his role as Johnny Blaze calls for. Upon arriving on set, Cage would then increase the character’s creepy aura by not speaking to anyone. Although the act does not harm oneself or endanger others, it can still be considered one of the worst things. Nicholas Cage did for movie roles – if not, at least the most bizarrely epic.

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