Things You See In Every Holiday Romantic Comedy

Going along with coming home means meeting parents who push you up the wall. It’s such a standard element of the holiday season that romantic holiday comedies regularly feature these characters as an easy way to stir up conflict. Sometimes it’s just support players showing up for a brief scene. Other times, they’re central to the plot, like the overwhelming assortment of parents that Candace Cameron Bure protagonist in “Christmas She Wrote” has to contend with after losing his job as a columnist.

This plot thread also serves as an essential ingredient for “My Christmas Family Tree”. In this film, intrusive family members help show the unease Aimee Teegarden’s main character Vanessa feels as she spends the holidays with a family she didn’t even know she had before. take a recent DNA test. On and on the list goes, with so many romantic vacation comedies using one or more bossy parents.

Just as predictable as the presence of bossy family members can be in the films, fans can also expect films like “Four Christmases” and “Happiest Season” to feature heartfelt decisive reconciliations between the protagonist and his friends. most infuriating relatives. It’s the holidays, for god’s sake. Can’t we all get along?

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