This David Lynch movie had a major influence on The Shining

“Eraserhead” follows a quiet, anxious man named Henry Spencer (Jack Nance) who has just learned during a horrible family dinner that his girlfriend, Mary X (Charlotte Stewart), has given birth to an extremely unusual baby. , and it belongs to him. The baby still stands out as one of cinema’s most disturbing practical effects. Beyond the slimy skin, it makes those sickly sounds you wouldn’t want to hear from any being, let alone your own child. The scene in which we see what’s holding it under its wrapper is enough to give everyone chills.

One of the most direct influences between Lynch’s film and Kubrick’s involves a betrayal scene. In “Eraserhead”, Henry has a sexual encounter with the beautiful girl across the hall (Judith Roberts) after Mary abandons him. While trying to see her again, he sees her with a smiling man, as she watches him through the shadows. In “The Shining”, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) finds himself in the cursed room 237, where a beautiful naked woman (Lia Beldam) comes out of the bathtub to greet him. After kissing with her, Jack looks in the mirror to see that the woman he thought he kissed has turned into a rotting old corpse (Billie Gibson) who laughs taunts him. Both films feature an insert shot of their children shaking in terror. When put side by side, it’s easy to see how Kubrick attempts to recreate the tension shared between three characters. At the heart of this moment is the shock plastered to Henry and Jack’s faces as a sense of betrayal washes over them, while their offspring cry out from the depths.

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