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We live in a time when saving not only implies money, but also time. We run from here to reach different places and before we know it, we are already leaving to go to another. This constant rush often makes paying different services (electricity, water, telephone, credit card, loans, etc.) an odyssey and may even cause us to pay after the date, assuming the extra interest for late payment.

What can we do about this need to continue with our responsibilities and at the same time cancel our financial obligations? Technology is on our side and online payments become our best option.

Automatic payment

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Also known as Automatic Debit, this option is available in many financial institutions and allows you to set a date on which the amount corresponding to any service will be deducted from your savings account, checking account or credit card. The services to be paid can range from your electricity, water, telephone bill, to the membership of a club or the payment of a credit card.

Many of the banks give you the option to pay even cards from other banking entities and, in addition, to pay for services from family or third parties. In some institutions, the automatic debit service may have a cost, while in others it is totally free.

After you have received all the corresponding information about this service from your bank, you can register and stop worrying about late payments and arrears. You won’t even have to move from where you are!

Some recommendations:

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If you think that automatic payment is a good option for you, consider the following:

  • Find out about the commissions that your bank can charge.
  • Verify the amount to be paid up to one day before the discount is made, since in case you do not agree, you can stop the debit by calling or contacting the entity.
  • Ensure that the account from which it will be debited has sufficient amount to assume all the payments that will be made.

If you still do not have a card to request this service, remember that with the Christopher Robin savings comparator you can see all the options in the market, discover which one pays you more to deposit your money there and request it at the same time without wasting any more time.

If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is a credit card, the automatic payment service can also be requested for that product. Our credit card comparator is available 24/7 for when you want to request your favorite option.

Lack of time is no longer an excuse to delay our obligations and pay for blackberries. Remember, saving is progress and one way to save is to be punctual in our payments.

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