Top 10 Football Movies You Can’t Miss

Do you like football and enjoy good movies? Then this page is the right choice for you because here you can check out the best football movies and choose the best ones to watch. Also, you can find betting information on different events and get no wager casino bonuses when it comes to online casinos. The classification of these bonuses is established by Casinority United Kingdom where you can find not only casino reviews, but also descriptions of different real money games and promotions to be had. So, let’s get more information about the best football movies!

Alright, you’ve already bought some popcorn and want to watch the best football movies. But which ones to choose? To answer this question, take a look at the detailed ranking here!

soccer factory

It’s a record-breaking movie that definitely deserves to be in the top 10 football movies. Yes, Frodo Baggins is now turning into a veritable Green Street football hooligan. The film is based on the novel by John King. Well, it’s not exactly about sporting events, so be prepared for some brutal action, such as the Chelsea-Millwall Cup clash. The Jam’s “Going Underground” is a perfect match for such a plot.

Escape to victory

This film is truly unmissable. It’s set in a Nazi POW camp, and stars like Sylvester Stallone, Pelé, and Michael Caine definitely make it catchy. Caine, a former professional footballer, is a British POW who continues to practice his hobby even in prison. And when he plays against guards, it’s his chance to really escape to victory.

medium machine

Like the previous one, this plot is also about a prisoner, but now about a modern prisoner. And Vinnie Jones is a perfect match for this role. In fact, it is a remake of the famous “The Longest Yard”, and it is also the story of the underdog who wins. By the way, when it comes to winnings, the game zone is the right match. You can for more information, follow this link £5 No Deposit Bonus offers and add even more benefits to your game!

The damned united

Brian Clough is a legendary manager, and this is one of the best football films where you see him spend 44 days as manager of Leeds United in 1974. Through the efforts of Michael Sheen, his character turned out to be very convincing. It’s not a story about motivating coaches or anything like that. Conversely, the plot is based on the conflict between the team and a new manager whose methods were too controversial.


Well, what’s a list of the best football movies without some personal success stories? This is a full story of Diego Maradona’s path to fame. Yes, you will see how this Argentinian soccer legend met Serbian director Emir Kusturica and made his way into the competitive soccer industry. The film also shows non-sporting things, for example the wedding between two members of Maradona’s church.

Looking for Eric

Cantona-obsessed Eric Bishop’s life seems to be falling apart as the daily routine drives this guy crazy. The relationship with his ex-wife and the problems with his son’s new addiction further aggravate the situation. This is where sport comes in to allow man to face these problems and escape real life for a while.

The goal! Trilogy

The list of top 10 football movies wouldn’t be complete without this gripping trilogy. It’s a real 300-minute marathon, which tells the story of Santiago Munez, a Mexican immigrant living in Los Angeles. Yes, he is a gardener, but his dream is to become a famous footballer not only because of his new status but also because of his passion for this game. Keep watching to find out if this man is capable of changing his life!

Zidane: a portrait of the 21st century

Zinedine Zidane is certainly one of the best football players in history, so it’s no surprise that he received the documentary to shed light on his life and career. However, it’s less about his personal life and more about his style as La Liga clash against Villarreal in 2005 is almost the main theme of the film. The 17 synchronized cameras really let the audience see just how talented Zinedine is.


This is the controversial story of an Arsenal fan. The film is based on Nick Hornby’s book and shows how a person can be addicted to just one hobby. Paul tries to combine his daily routine, including work and family, with watching football games. And the moment he watches Liverpool’s final game of the season is one not to be missed.

Mike Bassett: England manager

Yes, this film is also about a football manager, but a successful manager. Well, at first he’s a rude guy with few skills. However, the fact that he is preparing the team for the World Cup really changes things. Ricky Tomlinson is a great actor in this comedy, and you should watch the movie to the end to find out if his effort was worth it.

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