TV Icon’s fortunes explored as she opens up about relaunching her career at 81

TV icon Donna Mills recently opened up about restarting her career at the age of 81 during an interview with The Daily Beast. Talking about his role in the new Jordan Peele movie Nopethe actress said she hopes the project will mark a new start in her career:

“All I dreamed of when I wanted to be a dancer as a kid was the curtain being opened and someone handing me a bouquet while I was drawing my bow. I had a wonderful career until present. I don’t see myself retiring. I want to work as long as possible.

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Mills mentioned that she initially decided to take a long break to focus on raising her adopted daughter Chloe:

“I left the company for 18 years to raise Chloe. I didn’t want to work when she was little, be out of town for two months straight.

However, the actress said she is now ready to embrace the future:

“I want to look to the future. I have not finished yet.

Donna Mills also discussed her breakthrough role as Abby Cunningham on the popular soap opera Landing Nodes and admitted that she would love to play the character again:

“I’d give anything to play it again. I’d do Knots Landing again in a nanosecond. Absolutely. The scenario I’d love to play is that Abby is homeless and then goes back to the top to take it all back. Oh, the eyeshadow would still be perfect.

Additionally, the actress opened up about her decision to rehire her former manager Larry Thompson, who worked with Mills when she rose to fame in the 1980s:

“The reason I rehired Larry was because I wanted to bring back my awareness as an actor who was working again. I don’t want to stop. Not at all. I seriously love acting. I love creating a character and creating a role.

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Donna Mills also shared her plans to step back into the spotlight with the opportunities available to women her age:

“Now I’m trying to get back to a ‘network’ level, whatever ‘network TV’ means these days. There are a lot of opportunities for women my age. As Larry says, “We need to get you back in the conversation.” That’s what we’re trying to do now, so people think of me when they’re casting.

The Emmy Award winner further said that her career has given her “more fulfillment” than she could have imagined, but mentioned that she doesn’t “want to live in the past”. She is “currently living in the present” while “looking to the future”.

Exploring the career and fortune of Donna Mills in 2022

Donna Mills has an approximate net worth of $9 million (Image via Getty Images)
Donna Mills has an approximate net worth of $9 million (Image via Getty Images)

Donna Mills is one of the most popular American television actresses of all time, in addition to being a producer. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she has an approximate net worth of $9 million.

The majority of her fortune comes from her acting career which spans decades. Mills made her acting debut on the CBS soap opera The Secret Storm in 1966 and went on to appear on shows like Love is a resplendent thing and The good life.

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She also made her film debut in 1967 with a role in The Incident and even landed a role in the 1971 film Play Misty for me. During this time, Mills also continued to work on stage and appeared on Broadway, playing the Sultan of Bashir’s wife in the Woody Allen comedy. Don’t drink the water.

Donna Mills made her prime-time television debut in an episode of Lancer in 1970 and appeared on television shows such as The ship of love, Five-O’s from Hawaii, The Six Million Dollar Man, The FBI, Quincy, ME, Fries, Police womanand fantasy islandamong others.

The actress signed a contract with Universal Studios in 1972 and has also been seen in films like night of terror, The haunts of the very rich, and rolling man that same year. Donna Mills’ breakout role came after she was cast as a series regular in Landing Nodes.

Her portrayal of Abby Cunningham brought her worldwide fame and many other career opportunities. She has earned a fortune by appearing in over 200 episodes of the show over nearly nine years.

However, Mills decided to leave the soap in 1989 and announced a temporary hiatus from acting. Following the announcement, the actress began focusing on TV movies in the 1990s and appeared in False arrest, The President’s Child, The Stepford Husbands, The moonlight becomes you, and Remember.

Part of her income also came from her work as a co-producer of films like The world’s oldest living bridesmaid, father on the run, In the name of my daughterand My name is Kate.

Between 1995 and 1997, Donna Mills also got a role in Melrose Square. She continued to appear in other movies and TV shows throughout the 2000s. Some of her most memorable roles from the era include movies like Love is a four letter word and ladies of the house.

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Donna Mills has made guest appearances on shows like Case closed, Nip/Tuck, and GCB, and became guest judge of RuPaul’s Drag U in 2012. She then returned to the soap opera with general hospital in 2014, which later earned her an Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Guest Performer in a Drama Series.

She continued to accept small roles in films like Joy, deadly revenge, When Life keeps getting in the wayand Sharknado: The 4th wakes up. She also appeared in Alfred Uhry’s acclaimed 2017 play, Driving Miss Daisy.

The actress landed a starring role on the 2018 show Hilton Head Island and appeared in the 2019 comedy series Mood swings. Her career continued to flourish starring in independent films like best mom, Turnover, and A Beauty and the Beast Christmas before the pandemic, and finally got a role in Jordan Peele Nope.

Despite her hiatus, Donna Mills remains a leading figure in Hollywood and has managed to maintain a million dollar net worth over the years.

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