Ventana Sur’s Blood Window Reveals 15 Projects to Showcase in This Year’s Genre Sidebar (EXCLUSIVE)


Ventana South‘s Blood window The genre sidebar, one of the first events dedicated to the genre in South America and without a doubt now one of the most important events in the region for all things horror, fantasy and science- fiction, shared the 15 titles that will be part of this year’s official selection for feature film projects.

Some of the titles were already known, as they earned their right to participate in other events around the world, while others are more recent proposals in the early stages of development. This year’s selection features an array of projects as wide as ever with traditional horror films and ghost stories joined by lo-fi and high-profile sci-fi proposals as well as several fantastic titles.

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Blood Window is also highlighting four feature films at this year’s event: “Before the Body,” representing the Molins Horror Film Festival in Spain; “Conceivable”, which was selected by the Korean company BIFAN; BIFF-Brussels Intl. Representative of the Fantastic Film Festival “M. FILM” and the Canadian revenge thriller “TransVengeance”.

Ventana Sur 2021 is a hybrid event with online and in-person components. This year’s event runs from November 29 to December 3.


“The collector” (Kapel Furman, Brazil)

Directed by Brazilian genre specialists Fantaspoa Produções, this transdimensional thriller begins as two paramedics discover a treasure well hidden in a basement, including jewels they unknowingly use to open a portal between worlds and summon a terrible creature known as The Engineer. The latest news from award-winning filmmaker Furman, a regular at the world’s best genre festivals including Sitges and Fantasia.

“Chrono Capsule” (Miguel Gómez Orozco, Costa Rica)

Winner at the Morbido Lab in March at Sanfic Industria, this near-future sci-fi thriller tells the story of a young psychology student who decides to use an experimental drug to cope with the past traumas of her love life by going back the weather. Unfortunately, the funders of this experimental technology are impatient and want to stop the program. Produced by Atómica Films in Costa Rica.

Crono Capsulas - Credit: Credit from SANFIC

Crono Capsulas – Credit: Credit from SANFIC


“In the forest glade” (Leandro S. Cozzi, Argentina)

BellaSombra, a prestige production-sales-distribution company based in Buenos Aires, backs this first feature film about a couple who retreat to the countryside in an attempt to mend the fractures in their relationship, but end up confronting supernatural forces that come together. feed on their darkest secrets.

“Fango” (Diego Araujo, Ecuador)

“Fango” is the latest from award-winning filmmaker Araujo, whose “Feriado” screened in the Generation 14plus section at Berlin 2014. This time the director tells the story of Diana and Pit who, in a final attempt to save their relationship, go to a resort island. After an animal bite, Pit begins to show some really monstrous tendencies. Ecuadorian company Ilaló Cine produces.

“Hela” (Gisberg Bermudez, Venezuela)

Playing with time like an endless loop, “Hela” takes place in a sanatorium on the shores of a lake that is home to a mythical creature, where Father Henry focuses all his efforts on finding a cure for his daughter’s cancer. Los Angeles-based boutique production company La Rue Films produces.

“Deliver us from hell” (Juan Diego Escobar Alzate, Colombia)

“Luz: The Flower of Evil”, the latest effort from award-winning Colombian production house Afasia Films and filmmaker Escobar Alzate, has been a worldwide hit, winning awards at several major international festivals. This time, they tell the story of a family united by a tragedy that reveals a dark ancestral secret.

Deliver Us From Hell - Credit: Credit: Window of Blood

Deliver Us From Hell – Credit: Credit: Window of Blood

Credit: Window of Blood

“The cats” (Juan Pablo Richter, Bolivia)

Pucara Films, whose film “98 seconds without shadow” is also presented this year at Ventana Sur, produces this period drama about a grieving writer, recruited by Death to document the horrific circumstances of a fever which decimates a small Amazonian city.

“God with two faces” (Facundo Escudero, Argentina)

Pensilvania Films of Buenos Aires, which participates regularly in Ventana Sur, produces Escudero’s latest film, the story of an orphan obsessed with horror and fantasy stories who moves to a rural house where a pagan cult exploits the young girl to protect her land.

“Hour of the sorcerer” (Cristian Ponce, Argentina)

Tangram Cine, the producers of “History of the Occult” sold by Film Sharks, winner of the Le Film Français award at the Blood Window Cannes sidebar, is back with “Manifesta”, on a bank robbery in a small town with supernatural elements where more than money is at stake.

“The Virgin of the Lake of the Quarry” (Laura Casabé, Argentina, Mexico)

A three-way co-production between Mostra Cine and Ajimolido Films in Argentina and Caponeto in Mexico, this project was selected for Blood Window by the prestigious Sitges Film Festival in Spain and recently participated in the San Sebastian Co-Production Forum. A horror thriller “The Virgin …” follows a group of teenage girls who fall in love with a boy during a hot summer. The project marks Casabé’s fourth feature film of which ‘Los que vuelven’ landed Best Director in the Sitges Noves Visions 2020 sidebar.

The Virgin of the Quarry - Credit: Credit: Blood Window

The Virgin of the Quarry – Credit: Credit: Blood Window

Credit: Window of Blood

“Manifesta” (Enrique Mendez Valderve, Peru)

Mendez’s third feature film from Riot Cine in which a young YouTuber begins to experience horrible migraines that begin to blur the lines between the real world and the digital universe behind the screen where he spends much of his time and earns a living.

“Undead # 0” (Carlão Busato, Brazil)

Set on the Day of the Dead, a lonely young man is involved in a fatal accident, but when death arrives to escort him from this life to whatever comes next, he simply refuses to go. This annoys Death, who has a busy schedule, and while dealing with the stubborn man, his other dates begin to roam the earth. Produced by Surreal Hotel Arts, based in Sao Paulo.

“Wendy Syndrome” (Sinhué F. Benavides, Mexico)

Award-winning producer-director Benavides (“Niño doctor”, “Otto”) directs this story of a mother sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her husband, who is granted one last afternoon at home with her children where each tells dark stories of their common past. Mexican company Sizigia Films produces.

Wendy's Syndrome - Credit: Credit: Window of Blood

Wendy’s Syndrome – Credit: Credit: Window of Blood

Credit: Window of Blood

“Intruder eyes” (Fercks Castellani, Argentina)

Produced by Lunfardo Films and selected to participate in Blood Window by Apima, the Argentinian association of independent audiovisual producers, Castellani’s latest film (“Lo inevitable”, “Pájaros Negros”) revolves around Luis, a perfectionist who, in quest for inner peace, receives a visit from a strange woman from her past who questions her beliefs.

“Upiro” (Óscar Martín, Spain)

Blood Window’s only European project, “Upiro” brings together producer El Ojo Mecánico Elena Muóz and filmmaker Óscar; their film “Amigo” won more than ten awards at major international festivals. This time, they feature an 18th-century period thriller set in a monastery where a Franciscan monk investigates rumors of a bloodthirsty creature like the ones Tolstoy speaks of.

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