What happened to the original voice cast?

In 1993, Alison Sealy-Smith replaced Iona Morris, who played Storm for the first season of “X-Men: The Animated Series”. Like everyone who auditioned to reprise the role, he was asked to listen to Morris’ performance. Sealy-Smith, although she grew up in Barbados, easily identified that Morris’s reference did not fit Ororo Munroe’s description at all as being from North Africa. Shakespearean “below who would become closely associated with the character.

Storm was her first dubbing job, and she now feels that having no expectations of what a “comic book” performance should look like helped her deliver the performance the show needed. Sealy-Smith would reprise the role of Storm in the “X-Men: Mutant Academy” video games. She was also the voice of Gamora, Guardian of the Galaxy in “Silver Surfer”.

Sealy-Smith continued to work as a camera and voice actress throughout the 2000s, but she had a long theatrical career as an actress and director. She is a founding member and former artistic director of the Obsidian Theater Company in Toronto and Diasporic Arts Productions in Barbados, which she founded in 2009. Alison Sealy-Smith will return as Storm for ‘X-Men’ 97 “.

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