What Sam Worthington has done since the avatar of James Cameron

Sam Worthington rose to fame after starring in the massive sci-fi epic Avatar, but what roles has he played since the film’s release?

Sam worthington was positioned to be a big Hollywood star after her lead role in James Cameron Avatar– over a decade later, what has the actor appeared in since and where will he be seen next? Worthington grew up in Perth, Western Australia and after failing to complete the drama program at John Curtin College of the Arts, his father sent him to Queensland with $ 400 under his belt. He worked odd jobs to survive and was accepted into the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney while working as a bricklayer, graduating from the program in 1998. Worthington is set to return as Jake Sully in Avatar 2, but in the 13 years between films, his career took quite a bit of twists and turns.


Worthington’s film debut involved a minor role in the 2000 Australian-American romantic comedy Ankle boots. The same year, he appears in several episodes of police dramas POINT, The water Rats, and Blue heels. He then began to land leading roles in films like The 2003 Crime. Gettin ‘Square, the romantic drama of 2004 Perilous leap, and Geoffrey Wright’s 2006 story Macbeth. Worthington’s career reached a new high in 2009 with her starring role in Avatar, while also describing the human terminator Marcus Wright in Terminator Hi after having been personally recommended for the position by Terminator creator of the James Cameron franchise.

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At this point, Worthington’s biggest breakup was his portrayal of Jake Sully in Avatar, which still has a small lead over Avengers: Endgame as the highest grossing film of all time. After the film’s financial success, his career should have taken off as a bankable leading man and one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars. Although he has always established himself with the film and has since been involved in several critically successful projects, his roles mainly include independent films and TV mini-series. In fact, apart from Avatar, Worthington only got involved in one other franchise: action-fantasy Clash of the Titans series.

Sam Worthington Upcoming Movies

Over the next decade, Worthington starred in the romantic film Last night facing Keira Knightley, and in the thrillers Debt, Texas Killing Fields, Man on Ledge, Sabotage, Abduction of Mr. Heineken, and The hunter’s prayer—none of which has been exceptionally well rated. The actor’s role as Captain Glover in Mel Gibson’s Oscar-winning WWII biopic Hacksaw ridge is one of Worthington’s most famous performances. Additionally, he starred and produced the 2015 miniseries Gallipoli deadline, and two years later, he returned to the small screen for a starring role in the anthology series Manhunt: Unabomber.

Nonetheless, Worthington is set to reprise his role in the Avatar sequelae. After more than a decade of waiting, Avatar 2 is finally scheduled to premiere on December 16, 2022, while Avatar 3 is scheduled for December 20, 2024. The two were filmed simultaneously. Although there are two other Avatar sequels in development – for a total of five films in the franchise – the extent of Worthington’s involvement remains unknown. However, he will continue his series of thrillers by joining Georgetown project alongside Russel Crowe. Sam worthington will also be reunited with Tic, Tic… Boom! Andrew Garfield star in upcoming Hulu crime miniseries Under the banner of heaven.

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