Why Good Sam’s Griff Looks So Familiar

In 2014, Jason Isaacs joined the cast of the “Rosemary’s Baby” miniseries, a modern adaptation of the novel of the same name, which had previously served as the basis for the classic 1968 horror film of the same name. He took on the role of Roman Castavet, a darkly charming and wealthy man who, along with his wife Margaux (Carole Bouquet), befriends a young couple, Guy (Patrick J. Adams) and Rosemary Woodhouse (Zoe Saldana ), who moved to France. for a fresh start after a miscarriage. Although unfailingly kind, the Castavets maintain a keen interest in the life of the Woodhouses, including inviting them to live in their luxurious building. Fearing that something is wrong, Rosemary looks to the previous occupants, whom she finds tragically dead. During her investigation, she discovers that another of the building’s occupants is a billionaire named Steven Mercato who is said to worship the devil and devour people’s hearts. Okay.

Well, Steven Mercato is actually an anagram of Roman Castavet, which means his new benefactors are probably no good. The problem is that her husband is in cahoots with them and her nightmare of having sex with a strange, unfamiliar man while her husband and neighbors watched might not have been a dream. Rosemary finds out she’s conceived and is pregnant, but she probably won’t be too excited when she finds out who the father really is.

The updated adaptation was not as well received by critics as its predecessor; while director Roman Polanski’s 1968 “Rosemary’s Baby” is considered a classic and is certified fresh on rotten tomatoes with 96% reviews, the 2014 mini-series sports a dismal 31% critic score. Viewers liked it even less: it has a meager audience score of 25%.

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