Why Molly Weasley disapproves of Fred and George’s pranks

Fred and George Weasley’s ambitions to open their own joke shop is one of the dumbest character arcs around. Harry Potter series, materializing even in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It’s the culmination of plenty of gags involving the characters from the books and movies, but one fan theory offers a pretty good reason why those ambitions rightly infuriated their mother, Molly, and how it could have doomed the whole family. Weasley family.

In the Harry Potter series, Fred and George Weasley quickly became fan favorites for their sardonic approach to life at Hogwarts. Both were pranksters of legendary status, with their spell impressing their teachers at various times. The two finally left Hogwarts in the fifth entry in the series – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – and opened his own joke shop. Their inventions quickly became popular in the wizarding world and were even used effectively as simple tools for espionage by the likes of Draco Malfoy. Throughout the series, their more comedic ambitions are often undermined by their mother, Molly, who picks on their jokes and tries to sell their magical creations.

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Nominally, this seems to stem from her belief that the couple should invest their talents more firmly in academic fields, as she often lectures them in the book series about their poor test scores, but a fan theory of Reddit user Sir_Dude suggests that she actually has plenty of good reason to fear that the pair are in real trouble for their designs.

The theory notes that the pair began working before they turned 17, which is considered illegal by the Ministry of Magic. Revealing magic – even by accident – to non-magical people can result in quick expulsion from Hogwarts. It was a fate that nearly befell Harry, even under justifiable circumstances, but given the experimental nature of the Weasley twins when it came to creating jokes and magic tricks – and how easily these would have could have ended up in front of the eyes of non-magical muggles – the twins could probably have been raised for breaking those rules.

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Because they were doing this in a house full of magic users, the trail that follows minor sorcery would not have identified them as the users, but if their creations were to be discovered elsewhere – and traced back to them – it might easily put the couple and their family in serious legal trouble. It could also have been a blow to their father’s career. Family patriarch Arthur Weasley worked in the Muggle Artifacts office at the Ministry of Magic, a position that earned him little respect from his peers. It’s been established that Harry and Ron stole his flying car and got spotted in London in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets nearly got him fired.

Had it been discovered that Fred and George were profiting from illegal magic, this could easily have been the final straw and left Arthur jobless. With that in mind, Molly Weasley suppressing her ambitions to open a boutique – especially so young – makes more sense. This is less about disapproval of their antics than genuine concern about the continued employment of the family threatened by their actions. The Weasley twins being caught and kicked out could have impacted not only Arthur’s standing in the Ministry, but also people like their brothers, Percy and Bill. While Fred and George’s pranks may have made them fan favorites, it also made them particularly problematic to live with in the wizarding world.

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