“You must have missed that one, right?” “

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest Hollywood stars in the world. She entered the limelight with her Oscar nominated performance in Winter bone. However, critics and the public have not swooned over his plans. Lawrence has publicly stated that she is embarrassed to star in any particular horror movie.

Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off “Silver Linings Playbook” Line at “The Hunger Games”

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Winter bone sees a gritty side to Lawrence that is not the tone of his performances going forward. She has acted in calmer independent films such as Like crazy and The Beaver. Lawrence reached a wider audience playing Mystique in X-Men: First Class and Katniss in The hunger Games franchise. This combination of Hollywood and independent titles has been the key to its success.

Lawrence would ultimately win an Oscar for his stunning performance in Silver Linings Playbook facing Bradley Cooper. She went on to star in a series of films which certainly divided audiences, such as X-Men: Apocalypse, Passengers, Mother!, and Red sparrow.

This Horror movie embarrasses Jennifer Lawrence

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Nadia Cohen’s Jennifer Lawrence: Girl on Fire explores the personal life and career of the actor. It starts with her childhood and is built through her performances and the biggest moments that define audiences. This includes Lawrence in the 2012 horror thriller House at the end of the street.

The story follows Elissa (Lawrence), who moves into a new home with her mother (Elisabeth Shue). She soon discovers that the house at the end of the street is the site of a grotesque double murder. Things get complicated when she meets a local teenager (Max Thieriot).

House at the end of the street was a monumental flop at the box office and in critics. However, those same critics praised Lawrence on his performance in the horror film. Nonetheless, the movie left her uncomfortable, which she joked about during an appearance for american unrest. Cohen wrote:

“She [Lawrence] seemed embarrassed to appear on such a poorly received project and joked about the role when she won an award for american unrest of the New York Film Critics Circle in 2013. In an open letter to the Circle, she joked about it, writing, “The critics have been very kind to me so far in my career. But I guess I don’t get this for House at the end of the street, so you must have missed that one, right? “

“Don’t Look Up” marks a big comeback

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Lawrence took a hiatus from performing in 2019 X-Men: Black Phoenix. However, that exit from the spotlight didn’t stop her from taking on another big project upon her return. Lawrence recently starred in Adam McKay’s Do not seek. She won a Golden Globe nomination for her performance as an astronomer who discovers that a comet is heading towards Earth.

It is not known if Lawrence will ever consider returning to the horror genre afterwards. House at the end of the street and Mother! However, she has some exciting new titles planned for the future to come. It’s clear the Oscar-winning actor intends to reclaim his rightful place as one of Hollywood’s greatest actors.

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